High quality sous-vide equiptment

Sous-vide is a french phrase meaning "in a vacuum". Inox is a term for stainless steel. SOVINOX is Norwegian and stands for quality.

Water chiller in stainless steel. Developed and produced in Norway

SOVINOX water chillers provides highly effective cooling of sous-vide prepared foods from ca 70°C to 30°C in approx. 90 minutes. This is in accordance with regulations pertaining to the development of bacteria in hot food. SOVINOX water chillers work in the following manner: An ice-battery is formed in the chamber. A pump then circulates water around the chamber and chills the water to the correct temperature. The vaccum-sealed products are then placed in the the chamber and rapidly cooled. The capacity varies in accordance with the ice-battery and volume of products that are to be cooled. SOVINOX water chillers can be fitted with an overnight timer to simplify operation and save energy.


Very user-friendly, an ideal working height and with a simple emptying function. SOVINOX water chillers are equipped with sturdy lockable castors with low rolling resistance. The instrument panel is clear and simple to understand. All models are made of stainless steel and insulated for highly efficinet temperature retainment and to guard against condensation. The cooling element runs on an environmentally friendly cooling medium.

Choosing the correct model

SOVINOX water chillers are available in 3 sizes. Consider therefore the kitchens requirements when you order your SOVINOX water chiller.

Sovinox 170

Sovinox 170

Sovinox 260

Sovinox 260

Sovinox 260m

Sovinox 260M

ModellPL 170PL 260PL 260 M
Product capacity per run80 litres120 litres160 litres
Capacity ice-battery170 litres260 litres260 litres
Capacity without ice-battery27 litres/hour43 litres/hour43 litres/hour
Physical measurments LxWxH (not including corner-guards)1300 x 700 x 960mm2000 x 700 x 960mm2500 x 700 x 960mm
Dry weight240 kg290 kg310 kg
Power usage1,5 Kw2,5 Kw2,5Kw
Fuse10 amp16 amp16 amp